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Together with to the construction of a new hospital on the Molengracht site in Breda, Amphia has started raising their facility management (FM) environment to a higher level in order to keep track of the room requirements, surface areas, as well as inventory, before, during, and after the building and relocation works. In order to meet the goals for FM, ease of use and access to a centralized, up-to-date room database are of primary importance.

General info
  • Location
    Amphia Molengracht, Breda (NETHERLANDS)
  • Domain
    Medical sector
  • Client
  • Function/activities
    BIM Consultant
    FM Database Architect
  • Period
    2015 - 2017
  • D-Studio Key Person
    Koenraad Nys
    Siemon Boes
  • Platform
    Relatics (web-based)
Task description

D-studio utilizes systems engineering platform Relatics and its custom-developed plugin for Revit (RevRel) to transfer BIM data from Revit to a cloud-based room database. This approach results in a flexible workflow, where the information already present in the BIM model is utilized to the fullest, while Relatics offers a user-friendly environment to access this information, download reports etc. for more efficient facility management. The use of an online platform that can be used on (almost) any device connected to the Internet is highly valued in this context.

BIM concepts